2023 September-October


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In this issue

  • Trends: Floral Arrangements

    Wednesday, December 20, 2023

    As hard as it is to let go of summer every year, the transition to autumn never fails to bring its own unique brilliance.

  • All Things Pumpkin

    Wednesday, December 20, 2023

    Fall is a time for cozying up with warm and comforting dishes. And when we think of Fall, we think of pumpkins. Pumpkins are a versatile vegetable that can be used in a variety of dishes, from sweet to savory. There are many ways to cook with pumpkins. So get creative and experiment with different flavors and combinations. You're sure to find a pumpkin recipe that you love!

  • Hiking the Appalachian Trail

    Wednesday, December 20, 2023

    The Appalachian Trail is a winding, mountainous, continual wild path that stretches from Georgia to Maine and is comprised of 2,200 miles. Well, 2,198.4 miles to be exact. On February 24, 2023, Madison resident, Tommy Lister began this Bucket List journey. On Saturday, July 16 he finished the grueling task. For a normal, healthy, able bodied soul, the journey is a dream that only 20,000 plus have hiked the entire trail since its creation in the 1930s. Lister wasn’t even supposed to be on the trail, much less hiking it, per his doctor. 

  • 2023 Renaissance Euro Fest

    Wednesday, December 20, 2023

    The 16th annual Renaissance Euro Fest expects to draw thousands of spectators this year to observe dozens of rare, exotic cars that some can only dream of being able to view with their own eyes. 

  • The Colors of Fall

    Wednesday, December 20, 2023

    The leaves are changing color, the air is crisp and cool, and the days are getting shorter. It's time to decorate your house for fall!

  • The History of the Canton Flea Market

    Wednesday, December 20, 2023

    Canton’s fall Flea Market is widely considered the event that officially kicks off the holiday season in the metro and serves as one of the county’s brightest treasures for family and friends to experience. 

  • Dark ’N Stormy

    Wednesday, December 20, 2023

    We love easy cocktails. Maybe two, three ingredients max, stirred in a glass or shaken over ice.

  • Herring's Book Tells History of State Politics

    Wednesday, December 20, 2023

    The Switcher: Jim Herring and Two-Party Politics shares the unique perspective on a transitional time in Mississippi politics by the only former member of the Mississippi Democratic Party State Executive Committee to later serve as Chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party. The author, Jim Herring of Canton, takes the reader through his political activity as a Democrat from the mid-1950s up into his switch to the GOP during the first term of President Ronald Reagan, and then provides a behind the scenes look at his work as state Republican Chairman from 2001 to 2008. Part family history, part memoir, part political recollection; the text benefits from the work of Joseph L. Maxwell, III whose previous research and writing in books by Republican leaders Wirt Yerger, Billy Mounger and Charles Pickering provides context for the personalities and history in the book.